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Dear all,

A few years back we had a feature for members where they could upload
photos, while it was a great feature and provided members with plenty
of photo storage, we got in trouble with the webhost we had at the time
for using too much bandwidth. However, we now have a lot more bandwidth
and control over the galleries via quotas, so we've decided to
re-introduce the galleries on a trial basis to see 'how it goes' [;)]

We're looking for 50 users to help with testing, which will involve
uploading photos to your own members gallery and using the post editor
features of the site to display your pictures in posts. Also providing
feedback and helping to document the process should we decide to
implement it.

The galleries are configured with the following quotas:

2mb storage space per user

maximum of 100kb per image

While this is not a great deal of space its certainly enough to provide
enough for current images, without impacting on server performance [Y]
We believe the galleries are an important feature for the site and
offering them to users for free is a vital part of that [:)]

If you would like to help take part please reply to this topic. As
noted we're limiting this to the 50 users, so the first 50 to reply to
this topic will be chosen.


The uk-mkivs team.

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Thanks for the replies [Y]

We've set all your galleries up. If you go to your control panel via
the top link and click 'My Photos' you should be able to start adding

It should be pretty straight forward to start uploading. One thing I
would suggest is that you create an album (found under manage content
on the left), this makes it easier to group images. Of course this is
up to you.

If you get any problems let us know via this thread. Cat1.4 and Carlos
are Gallery Admins as well, so if you need any help they can assist in
addition to David and myself [:)]
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