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i was on the way home before and saw a type r trying to race a new M5, it was funny cos the M5 went like a rocket!!!

a mate of mine had a MK2 with a 1.8t in and we manage to beat a type r.

but the funniest must have been a type r trying to race a 360 spyder outside my shop,lol as you can image the 360 had none of it and booted it, i guess the lad in the type r must have said to his girlfriend at the time....WAIT TILL THE V TEC KICKS IN!! LOL

nice car but i rather have a cupra r or a anni!
You know...they could have just been tempting those cars to boot it, nobody in their right mind, even the owners would think a Type R has a chance against a supercar!

If I ever see a Ferrari/Lambo/Porsche I'll race them and put my window down and see if they take the bait and roar away. The sound of a 360 flooring it is awesome!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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