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Mark's Steel Grey Edition 30

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Time to announce my new ride! [:D]

I'd been after an Edition 30 for a while and when this came up I jumped at the chance and got a pretty good part-exchange for my Anni too!

It's the DSG version with full VW service history, and it's only previous owner was VW themselves!

It has the complete Edition 30 spec including heated half-leather seats, dual-zone climate control, sports suspension, 'Pescara' alloys, and all of the other usual exterior/interior enhancements!

In addition, it's got quite a number of extras including the Convenience pack, multifunction steering wheel, front armrest, Highline computer, rear tinted windows, rear air vents, metallic paint, Parrot handsfree kit, and the best bit - the latest RNS-510 touch-screen DVD navigation/entertainment system!

I gave it a little blast home and it's sooo good! - There isn't too much of a performance increase from my remapped Anni but it's so effortless to drive with the DSG and it feels a lot better made too. When the time comes a remap might be on the cards but for now I have no need to change anything!

Here's some pics from the advert. Hopefully I'll be able to take some better ones when we have some nicer weather! [:)]

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very nice looking motor you got there mate [In-love]
lovely car mate! looks brand new! i really fancy an edition next but i dont think id find another like yours[:O] and an absolute joy to map!

enjoy it
Nice mate, any future plans for it?
Cheers guys!

Tom - No not really - It has everything I want and need so I'm not itching to change anything for now! ...Although I want to try and get hold of an Edition 30 plaque from VW!

One thing I'm not entirely sure on is why there does not seem to be a CD changer or iPod connection in the front armrest. I thought one of either came standard with the RNS-510, unless it was upgraded afterwards (which I doubt)? [*-)]

Has another blast in her today! As I said before the power is very similar to my remapped Anni 1.8T, but the way it just pulls through the gears with the DSG is awesome! It brought a very big smile to my face! [:D] ...I can only imagine what it'd be like with another 70 ponies under the bonnet! [:O]
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