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Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor?

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Hi guys

had my car plugged in today to my mates little hand held device and a fault came up

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor? any one heard to it where is it are they prone to going ?

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its on the intercooler in the drivers arch iirc
I think that's a sensor that's plugged in to the top of your intercooler, which tells the car how much boost is going in to the engine. Did the fault code say anything specific? I just ask because the description can sometimes indicate whether the sensor has become inaccurate or if the wiring could be to blame.

Depending on the above, I think you get to it by removing your front bumper, you could disconnect and reconnect it a few times to ensure that the connections are good.
cheers guys think i will attempt to take bumper off tomz.

do we know how much they are if the sensor need replacing?
not sure on part number but this will give you an idea on price[C]
just reading on here is it a problem that occurs on the petrol 150bhp models? or jsut tdi?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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