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Hi there,

I just thought I should put up a post about the exceptional service and work I've recently received from Greg at Small-Engine in Nottingham on my 02 GT TDI PD150.

I've owned the car for just over 12 months and bought it with 112k miles on the clock and with a few minor niggles (loose trim etc) or so I thought. Very soon after getting the car home I had sorted out most of the issues (some loose trim, a poorly fitted radiator grille, a couple of blown door card bulbs, broken gear lever gaiter trim, damaged wheel centre caps, snapped parcel shelf strings, poorly aligned rear number plate, non-existent brakes, blown brake lights etc.) and was reasonably happy with it.

The car had been advertised with having just had a fully reconditioned turbo and being in excellent condition but I soon found a few other issues that proved otherwise.

At this stage I should say that M A Sports & Prestige in Blackburn where I bought the car from were absolutely terrible and told me more than a few fibs in order to try and secure a sale (I shouldn't have listened to the Missus). I wouldn't buy so much as a valve cap off them again! [:mad:]

How they could l let me drive away that evening in a car with borderline brake pads, blown brake lights (how do you check them when you are driving it) and with parts of the engine held together with tie wraps and rubber glue when I had my girlfriend and 1 year old daughter with me needing to drive 40 miles back home to Leeds is beyond me [:(] They knew it had serious issues and it didn't bother them.

They said that they had been using the car themselves and it was soon clear that they hadn't really looked after it, even though it looked well on the outside. However I was sure that I could have sorted out the various niggles and that underneath the car was good.

Anyway, over the coming months the car developed a number of problems which caused it to stall regularly, drive erratically, smoke badly, not start when warm and go into limp home mode whenever I took it above 2800rpm. After rigorously trawling this site for clues I soon found that my car was more than likely suffering from VNT issues and a seriously gunked up turbo. I was then very kindly referred onto Greg at Small-Engine in Nottingham by BobbyN from the West Midlands on here (thanks mate! [:D] ) and I made the call straight away.

I had a really decent chat with Greg late one evening (no knocking off at 4:30pm for this bloke) and booked the car in during January.

I limped the smoking Golf down the M1 from Leeds to Nottingham and Greg saw me immediately and plugged the car into his laptop to run various diagnostic tests whilst we talked about it. This flagged up turbo issues and he cracked on with it.

Greg then directed me to the nearest tram stop to get myself into Nottingham city centre and catch the train back up to Leeds.

The following evening (another late one!) Greg called me with the diagnosis on my car.

The car wasn't on its original engine (yeah well, many 100k+ GT TDIs have had new ones) and the turbo itself had been removed before and very poorly refitted. It appeared that the turbo needed a lot of cleaning up (not to mention the EGR and intake manifold) and also needed some new components to bring it back to health but it was also apparent that the shower at M A Sports & Prestige had cut a number of corners in their attempt of 'refurbishing' the turbo using various glues and tie-wraps which could have easily killed the engine and probably whoever was driving it [8o|] There were retaining bolts and brackets missing also.

Greg then kept me completely in the loop as far as progress with the repair was going for the rest of the week and also highlighted any other potential problems that he came across. He also gave me detailed answers on any question I put to him (problems, causes, EGR issues etc.)

I went to pick the vehicle up early last week and was pleasantly surprised to receive a hot drink and a fully detailed report of all aspects of the car from Greg along with a fully detailed printout of the diagnostic tests that had been done [C] I then left and drove the car up to Leeds and it drove as well as it had done ever since I had owned it. There was more power, it was smoother, it was quieter, the trip computer told me I was averaging over 50mpg for the trip back, there was no smoke, it never 'limped' once, and it was miles faster!

Since then the car is running very well and has been great to get into and drive again and again.

The overall cost of the work wasn't that cheap, but that was mainly due to the number of other problems caused by the shoddy work carried out by M A Sports & Prestige and the additional work required to put it all right. Just over £700 for the level of work carried out (it would have been half of that if it wasn't for the additional problems) and the excellent way in which the whole matter was handled seemed like a bargain to me.

All in all the service and quality of work, and sheer attention to detail offered by Greg were first class and I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone else suffering engine troubles with their VAG vehicle. Also, from my personal experience Greg seems to know more about genuine customer service than pretty much any other garage I have ever dealt with, main dealer or high street set up, and in this day and age that is saying something. Maybe the cowboys at M A Sports & Prestige could learn a little about this. [:(]

Thanks again Greg [:D] [<:eek:)]

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