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maf question please look :)

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golf gti turbo aum 2001

if i was running my car idle and i unpluged the maf sensor, should i hear a difference in the idle of the engine? as when i pull the lead of my maf there is no change?thanks
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Yes im pretty sure you should hear a differnce,disconnect it and take it for a drive and see if you can feel a difference

If the car drives no different when the MAF is unplugged its nackered.
You probably wouldn't notice a difference at idle, but if you take it for a run and you don't notice much difference either, the MAF will probably need replacing. Do some logs in VAG com if you can, you should get about 120g/s for a healthy MAF.

When I replaced the MAF on my 1.8T, the car pulled so much stronger and was more responsive - well worth doing if it's original.
How much is a MAF for an AUM?

i got a new Bosch maf from euro car parts for 59 pound when i traded my old one in
Hi my maf got wet when i fitted a viper induction kit and my car became a little dangerous would not pull at all.

if you unplug it on idle from my experience the revs should drop for a sec or two then pick up i got a bosh service exchange from g&s cost me about 85-90 pound.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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