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MAF disconnected - lean?

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I have a 16mm hole on the turbo intake pipe where the dump valve was with nothing to block it up so I figured I should disconnect the mass air flow sensor and run it like that for a few days until I get a hose bung. The reason for the hole is because I fitted a fmic with the dump valve relocated to the cold side. But I noticed that the fuel mixture smells a bit off, I'm not worried about it running rich but is there any chance that without the maf connected it might run lean?
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Also is it fine to drive around for a few days with the maf disconnected?
Your ECU should use the last known good settings.

Surely it cannot be good with a nice big hole in the intake pipe.

Can you not get anything to fit in it? Wine cork, broom handle etc for the time being?
Im getting desperate and I've looked but cant find anythign to plug it up [help]

Also I found out the hard way trying to get ahold of anything car related this time of year is very hard! All garages and tuning places are shut until tommorow.

I figured with the maf disconnected the ecu would like you say run a fail-safe setting and rely on lambda reading to double check, but just wanted to double check.

Cheers Chris [Y]
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