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Lumpy power delivery TDi 100

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Hi guys my daily driver ive just got, has got a weird type problem, this is it,,, Driving normally around town tipical town type driving car is perfect, give it the odd low end 1000rpm to 2500rpm boost in traffic still perfect..BUT when you are doing say 30mph drop to 3rd and floor it to say 60 asking the engine that bit more the turbo kicks in great and it pulls but its as though the power is coming in, in steps like like pulsing not misfiring more of a like holding back then go holding back then go, this happens everytime when you demand the power that bit harder creep the throttle up and its perfect ie just cruise it up and nothing..

Its just been fully serviced with all filters

Had a throttle body recently

Airflow meter recently

and a few other bits non made any difference, and it sounds good still 56mpg etc etc so any idea's are welcomed..

I got a idea of a local bloke and he seemed to the the duel mass flywheel is the problem flexing or something ?????

Its a 2000 model TDI golf 86k miles..

Thanks poeple
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To be honest am defo not convinced its the dual mass, is the dm noisey of knocking on start up or turn off, its an expensive gamble so the diagnose as to be spot on otherwise he could be [:$]
Yeah i must agree sounds weird like, if it were on the brakes i would of said it felt like a warped disc at slow speed but as its on aceleration its weird but feels similar, i agree ref the costs of flywheel etc, cant here any noise out of place on start up or switch off whats the duel mass sound like when its going like ??
Tbh pal a dual mass systoms are noisey on start up and turn off or even noisey on idle then you dip the clutch and noise goes as it takes up the excess movement.

Were do you live ?
Will have a good listen tomorrow but i dont think its making any funny noises etc, or noisey release bearing type noises, im up in north east near Durham mate....
Is a vag com scan better than putting it on the latest snap on diagnostics machine, as my mate put his new snap on one on and showed no fault codes atc at all is that the same type thing ???
i suggest is that you get someone with vag com to do a boost log i believe this is not possible with the snap on diagnostics tool. With vagcom you can monitor a lot of different things think you need to get an actual vs requested boost log done. This should be able to help you diagnose your problem also have a look at this thread its very good has a lot of information about how to diagnose boost problems
[8-|] Cheers mate, will try and get that sorted out fella cheers
no problem keep us updated quite a few members on hear have vagcom they may be able to a scan and boost log for you
Hi guys bit of an update been across to a top lad called andrew in Durham and done a VAGCOM boost log and coded my spare key in for me and stuff and its appearing the MAF meter is giving incorrect readings on boost over 2500rpm its already been replaced 18m ago but its a cheap made in china £40 unit from the local motor factors the MAF was on when i bought it and so was the fault, He has advised replace with a genuine bosch unit as cheap chinease ones are pa, so thats the next job then... If anyone needs VAGCOM scans doing near durham Andrew is the man very impressed thanks mate..
try gsf or eruo car parts i got my maf from GFS for £80
Bit more info, Ok went to andrew paige and asked for a bosch MAS and they had one instock in a bosch sealed box, so i bought it £81 -£20 back return of old unit so £61, got home opened the box and had massive sticker on it REMANIFACTURED IN CHINA so did some home work and found its a recon chinease unit same as the one already on, mmmm not happy so too it back for refund tried Euro car parts, £101 inc for a bosch unit (they were not sure if it was recon or new ethier) so not happy with the answer i rang VW main dealer and a bit of a result New non recon unit £77 inc vat happy with that, coming thursday, just hop it fixes it now [:O]
thats a good price from the dealer audi wanted £120 for one
Well not sure how true it is like but, he said years ago they were like £300 for a MAF, so they offered a exchange recon unit for £150 ish from the main dealers due to the amount they were changing, but as years progressed they came down in price again and again till the point where the recon unit was deleted a few years back so you can only get new units again, but at £77 they cheaper than euro car parts by a good bit so happy with that [:)]
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