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Luggage Comp Open Warning Light On Dash

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Good Afternoon All,

Rather Annoyingly My MK 4 Golf seems to have developed a possible fault, after a Transit van narrowly missed taking out the whole of the rear wing of the car yesterday I got away with just a scrape and a small ding! 45 mins after the accident the Luggage Comp Open light appears, and the annoying beeping sound, also when the vehicle is locked the car alarm will go off :( , the damage to the rear wing is minimal as the car is a 3 door, and hasnt pushed the wing in at all from the accident, any ideas on fixing this problem would be much aprieciated :)
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Afternoon jospanner sounds like good and bad luck at the same time with the van, but more to the point the fault seems more like the common problem of the rear wiper wash hose leaking/breaking and sending water over the boot handle mechanism.

In there is a micro switch for the clusters to read if the tailgate is open or not, i had this problem intermittantly and left untreated will lead to the mechanism seizing up not locking/unlocking and no longer being able to open the tail gate. take the trim of and have a good look for any dampness and leaks.

on a second thought thou it may be a split wire in the tailgate rubber boot wich carries the wires both worth a look imo good luck [Y]
Hi Jay, Many Thanks for your post it has been most helpful, I am going to attempt to remove the tailgate cover tommorow and assess if there is water leakage from the rear wiper, I have noticed that there is slight bubbling of the paintwork around tailgate lever, I will post some pictures tommorow, I seem to be having alot of badluck, young drivers excess is £300!!! so im having the paintwork damage done privately by a freind in the trade which will save me money, but doesnt stop the morons on the roads who crash into people and think nothing of it !
Afternoon All,

Having had the boot lock changed on Wednesday I thought it had remidied the problem.. however short lived, Alarm came on for no reason.. and " Luggage Comp Open" warning light showing on the dash, that went off after a minute and all went calm again until last night when the alarm went off again for no reason, I clicked the key fob twice and the alarm disengaged, I locked the vehicle from the fob again and had no problems since!.. I will attempt to dry out around the lock, however is it best to put WD40 or Vaseline around the terminals? Being a female I dont want to bodge it fella's :p
hi jospanner ive just had the same problem and it was the pipe that goes to the jetwasher that wasnt on tight enough and was squirting water out...i pulled the wire off the switch sprayed the wires and the switch with wd40 put it back on and big blob of vasaline over the wire put the pipe back on which is a tight fit onto the jet then put insulation tape round it to keep it on... mines been fine since.
I will attempt to dry out around the lock, however is it best to put WD40 or Vaseline around the terminals? Being a female I dont want to bodge it fella's :p
You will need a new lock mechanism as no amount of WD40 or Vaseline will clean the corrosion out of the microswitch that;s causing this problem.Once the leaking pipe and mech have been changed you shouldn't have any more problems and won't need to treat it with anything special.

But......if the little three pin connector is also corroded it will need to be changed as well.Even if it works when you plug it into the new lock mech.the corrosion inside it will make the new clean metal it's in contact with corrode a LOT quicker and you'll be right back to square one again,

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