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LSD 1.8t o2j

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Anyone know where I can get a reasonable priced one from quiffe want ?585 on there website...but ecs tuning in the states are doing them for ?405 :/ I'd pay that all day long
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I think the Peloquin is slightly cheaper than the Quiaffe, and includes a fitting kit (which I think is another £100-odd from Quaiffe - I know - I bought one, but not yet fitted) - as you'll know it's not a cheap mod, and I've never seen a diff much less than £450-£500.

Only hidden cost I'd watch for with shipping one from the US is the customs duty on arrival in the UK..., and not sure that a company like ECS would ship such a thing as a gift (ie, qualifying for zero duty...)

Maybe the best thing is a few wanted ads on a few Dub forums to see if anyone has one unfitted that they now want to offload...
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