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Lowering springs and new front brake discs/pads fitted, was this a fair price....?

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Paid £247 for this work yesterday on my mk4 gt tdi (I supplied the springs, eibach pros, they just fitted them and supplied and fitted the brake pads/discs) at an independant garage ive not used before, my usual vw/audi specialist was chock-a-block. They seemed a nice bunch of lads but im far from a mechanic so just wondered what peoples opinions are on what i was charged. Its done and paid for now so if i was ripped off not a lot i can do about it! Simply thinking is it a place worth bearing in mind for future work

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how long did the job take them? and i was quoted 100 for fitting discs and 120 for springs with vat ontop of that last year so yours seems a good price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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