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lowering a pd150 gti!

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Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere on here lol! I've got a 2003 pd150 gti golf which is sitting on bilstein b4 sport shocks and powerflex top mounts with standard springs which are the sport ones!and the car is sitting at 400mm on the front and 390mm on the back which I think is really high so I want to lower it on 50mm h&r springs but I'm worried that will cause problems with rubbing! Can anyone tell me if they have the 50mm h&r springs on a pd150 gti and if it caused rubbing? If you have pics aswell could you post them for me to have a look? Cheers guys
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Well I've got H&R 40mm springs on mine and the ARB just touchs the offside driveshaft on full lock.
I could just change the ARB but I've opted for Eibach Pro 30mm springs instead.
400mm at the front is really high, mine is 340mm all round (PD130 estate) and isn't particularly low imo.
I thought 400mm was high which is why I thought I would need 50mm springs instead of 40mm which everyone else puts on mk4 golf's! But if your getting rub with 40mm mate maybe 50mm will b to much! I really don't want to get coilovers cus I could only afford the cheap ones!
Is yours 340mm with the 40mm springs? If so does that mean the standard height should b 380mm?
Yeah sounds about although my rear stock height should be higher as I'm running hatchback shocks and springs on my estate which are marginally shorter.
Ok kwl. I'm hoping if I get 50mm springs it should take the car down to 350mm at the front and 340mm at the back max! And I shouldn't get any rubbing as it will still b at least 10mm higher than yours.
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