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Since fitting my Turborevs SMIC and 1.8T pancake, my dash has developed the most annoying rattle/vibration which i'm struggling to pinpoint.

I think it's due to the fact that it now pulls harder from lower in the rev range as it only happens at around 1500rpm with half throttle. At first i thought it was the boost gauge rattle but it is a louder and sounds like a metal or hard plastic rattle.

I've searched the forum and looked through the common rattles but can't find any help. The top vent rattling was the most popular result but mine makes the same noise even when holding every part of the dash possible.

It sounds like its deep within the dash as i've had the stereo out and can't see anything. Sounds like its coming from deeper within but its hard to try and locate it whilst driving.

Has anybody had anything similar or have any ideas of what it could be or where to start looking as its driving me loopy.

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