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Hi there,

I have a Volkswagen Golf Mk 4 PD TDI 115 yr 2000

sorry for once again raising the usual topic of loss of power which occurs when the engine is under load, i have read through the forums and realized that there are many causes for this and that it will be a good idea to obtain a vag com, unfortunately i am living in france at the moment and this is going to be difficult for a while. i have made the observations suggested and i would appreciate if somebody could comment on the movement of the actuator rod.

In my case, when with ignition is off, the actuator rod appears to be fully extended. when the engine is started and running at idle the actuator rod is fully retracted to the stop screw. As i increase the revs it barely moves off the stop by the time i reach 3000rpm. it will however jump to whatever i guess is the halfway position when i blip the throttle. This doesnt seem normal to me, has anybody any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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