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Sunday 12th September 04

London Meet4 Venue: Brooklands Museum, Weybridge Surrey

Entry: ?6 per adult incl.Museum Tour & Show

Gate Opens from 10AM

BBQ is available

Updated list as @ 16th August 04;







rfsteel + (3)


hmi1750 (poss)

Deadlock (+2)one of them is the immortal Ferrari Maranello 550




tylerama (+1)





R44MS K (poss)

Amar (poss)

Singhjitjit (poss)


Gengar (+2)



Performance VW and Golf + magazines are coming down as well

Please be aware Brooklands Museum informed me that unfortunatelly we are not allowed to bring on the rolling road test thing due to noise restrictions it will cause as it will be open to the public as well.

If there are any people wishes to bring/invite other trades they must inform me first as there are different policies that applies to traders, Brooklands Museum must know about before they get granted entry permission

Please obey their rules as we don't want to give our UK-MKVS a bad reputation. Hope it'll be a great fun day out for all of us

See you all peeps soon, I'll be there first thing in the morning waiting for you all... God please don't let us down with the weather..

Please see web site for directions:

M25 Jct 10 and follow A3 north (towards London)and once on the A3 take exit to Woking/Weybridge and follow "A245" then it's pretty simple just follow signs to Weybridge/Brooklands Museum, once you joined the A245 go straight down till the first roundabout and turn right from here you'll see signs to Brooklands Museum which will be on the left straight after up a hill.

Hope this will help.

Any questions or information please PM me.



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Quote: posted by ClipSe on 16/08/2004 22:50:13

Im comfirming again [:D]

Bad luck PJ and a8wpg there will def be another one soon though [8D]

See ya soon fellas

Yeah next year[:p] Autumn approaching soon, cold/windy weather, getting darker earlier[V]. Maybe we can hold a special Christmas Wonderland meet.[;)]

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Anymore people coming...???

C'mon chaps I'm sure you guys out there wants to come...

It'll be a great day out plus so many ariplanes and F1 vintage cars to see around the Museum...and food, snaks, drinks will be availabe to buy [^]

waiting for more positive responses...

by the way if you go to Brooklands Museum web site soon you'll see they will put us on their calendar Great Advertisment hey...[:D]

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glen1.8t, it's not a problem if you can or can't it's now set up anyways as we have some 3 or 4 volunteers so far...infact i might be doing it as well..[:I] it's all about fun nothing major thought don't expect anything major but it'll take a skilful driver to be able to do what they are setting up for us...apparently!

the good thing is if we manage to overcome the tests in style there are small prizes to be won but i am not meant to say this...sheeeee[:D]

public will be watching us as well...which will make it more exciting..but there will be some great photos to be taken in and around the Museum with your cars...there is one particular place on the banking of the famous Brooklands track you can take pictures from the bridge that oversees the whole's hard to explain till you actually see it. But we might need to delegate a dedicated photgrapher for us all...we'll see
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