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Locking wheel nuts

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Got a call yesterday from one of the office staff at work, could I have a look at his 1.9 derv Bora he's just bought, the car had a puncture, and he was having a problem getting the wheel off.

So off I trundled only to find that the tyre was totally shot and the locking wheel nut looked liked someone had used semtex on it, seems he broke down on the motorway, called the AA to find he didn't have the locking wheel nut bolt, the guy from the AA tried to muller the old one off, and failed, so he then drove the 6 miles into work on a flat destroying the tyre.

Upon further rooting around in his boot for the missing wheel nut key ( mine didn't fit) I found two of the other bolts looking in a similar state checking the wheels two standard bolts had been inserted, so I guess the previous owner had lost the bolt but had managed to at least get two off.

Well it ended up with the car having to stay at work, as most of my heavy tools are at home and he had to work out how to get 55 miles home and then get himself to the dealers for a new bolt and pray that it wasn't too mullered to get off.

Moral is always check for locking wheel nuts and check boot, he may have found the other two and worked out that the guy had no way of getting them off..
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use a bigger socket that fits tightly onto the locknut hammer in and use a bar to open the nut. simpless
yeah i agree, but if you not got sockets with you and your stuck on the motorway..mmm better to check when you buy the car...judging by the state of it..think the AA guy might have tried that..
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