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Limp mode

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So I was driving home today I put my foot down on the way up a hill at 40 then it jumped a little and I now believe it to be i'n limp mode there's no dash lights or any thing but it just won't move no power and very slow

How do I remove limp and what's caused this ?
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ahh thank you i had my suspicions it was sticky veins

thank you for that
Hi bud I had this with my old mk4 110bhp. All I did is put in a bottle of forte diesel treatment and unplugged the maf sensor and drove it flat out up and Down the dual carriageway for about 10 mins if it goes into limp mode doing this flick the key off and back on till it stops doing it.then plug the maf back in. I put the forte in with just under half of a tank and it's been perfect for over a year now. Hope this works for u mate
nice method think ill go get some forte diesel now then :D

thank you for your help
That will only cure the problem if it is injector related as unplugging the MAF will make the car over fuel and put mor of the cleaner and fuel through the injectors. It won't cure it if you have the sticking vanes.

Worth a go just in case

The local garage diagnosed it as turbo but that solved it for me. I think the car wasn't driven very hard by the previous owner. When I was driving it hard with the maf unplugged it still went into limp mode it just started to do it a higher speed everytime then stopped doing it after about 10mins of thrashing.
i just put a tank of storng mixed diesel red-ex in mine, gave it a lot of throttle for the tank and then all has been good (touch wood) for the last year or so...

Can you disconnect the MAF sensor to see if thats causing the bother?

Or basically any way to do any diagnostics, bar VAGCOM fault logs (which im doing later) to see whats what?
Hey guys, sorry to slightly hi-jack this thread but I am having a problem yet again with limp mode with my 110 ASV TDi. I have had this problem on and off for a while now. I have replaced the MAF, also the temp sensor with a new green one and I have also done the EGR delete with a nice shiney Allard delete. It was suggested to me that I give the turbo actuator arm a clean, which I did and hey presto for the first time she reved smoothly all the way round to the red line and I was a happy bunny.

This has turned out to be short lived. Firstly she reved all the way round in third but as soon as 4k arrived in fourth limp mode struck again. Now on the same journey it is not even making 3.5k in third before going into limp mode. Does this shout that I have poped a hose clip due to the over exersions recently. I have checked the line that goes from the N75 to the turbo for leaks and all is fine.

Also I'm not sure if I'm going mad (probably) but I'm sure I can hear a very short whistle lasting maybe 2 seconds (not the turbo) when putting my foot down. I can hear this whistle from inside the car, i.e not from opening the window.

I'm not a young boy racer but I just want my car to do what it should do so this is really starting to gripe me.

Many thanks for any help.
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Sounds like you need to log the boost levels to find out if it the VNT sticking as that sounds like your problem to me [y]
What is the VNT please matey. Do i log them using vag-com?
Thanks Neil. Im on my phones internet so doing a search wasnt really practical. As always top s
So are you suspecting the VNT rod or or VNT mechanism. I cleaned the rob (or so i thought) using Wd40 And things improved. Could it be a case of the veins sticking too or is it likely just the rod?
More than likely the mechanism itself is sticking inside the turbo, they are prone to soot build up.
Ok. Thanks for you input. Time for a cleanout me thinks
Well after all my worrying I popped the bonnet to discover the pipe going from the N75 to the turbo actuator had come off!!!! So I re-connected it and hey presto I got my car back to normal. So a very happy chap again. Just goes to show sometimes it really is as simple as that.
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