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Hiya all!

Hope this is the right section!!

Just recently, im having a problem with the actual switch inside the car to the right of the steering wheel which operates the lights.

Its really annoying!! - When i unlock the car, the whole dash lights up red, including the symbols around the light switch. This is normal i know, and once the car is started the everything goes off, unless the actual lights are switched on and then of course the dash is lit up in its usual red and blue.

Trouble is, the actual switch which controls the lights fails to stay lit if the switch is on, or in the auto position if the car is started!! I can turn the headlights off, then on again, and the symbols all light up and stay on, but they go off if i turn the engine off, the re-start it without turning the lights off and on again! this is a recent problem, it never used to happem, but is very annoying in the dark as i cant see any symbols around the switch!!

Its only when i start the engine with the switch turned on or in auto that the symbols dont light up! If i turn the engine on after starting, they symbols stay on!!

I am assuming it is a faulty switch, but has anyone else heard of anything similiar?

If this is the case, is the switch easy to get out to replace? It is really starting to wind me up!!

PS, the green auto symbol is also not lit when in auto position!!

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