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leon and toledo 2003 need advice on exhaust mods

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got 2 seat tdi's both with VNT turbo's both needing exhaust replacements soon.

now the Toledo is running a second-hand engine with a refurbed turbo, long story from a few years back. this car had a new turbo fitted with a decat pipe from ebay, 9 miles later engine blew. now it was probably due to the idiot not emptying the intercooler after the turbo went, but I did read somewhere its not a good idea to decat vnt's as the loss in back pressure causes the turbo to over speed.

now I could just do a cat back solution I guess, what's the best way forward without spending a fortune? do standard boxes not restrict much?
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ok decided to just do a muflerectomy. what the best way to go ahead with it? does anyone do a cat back ready to go?
Decatting it shouldn't cause any issues other than when it comes to MOT time for visual inspection.
found some that miltek do but I think ill diy looking at those prices. cheers for the info Thai-wronghorse but im gonna play it safe and just mufflerectomy, does it create any droning inside the vehicle?
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