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Knackered turbo?

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Gave my AGU a full service including cam cover gasket plugs etc this week so i took the car to Badger 5 to get it rolling roaded and full diagnostics to make sure its running right as its got 122,000 miles.

Was really dissapointed it only managed 170ish on the rollers with similar torques. Same setup in a mk2 the week before achieved 190 (different map though but both generic). The vac hoses have all been replaced for forge silicon ones and there are no boost leaks... as far as ive ever come accross including checking today...

Put it down to a worn turbo as peak boost was 12 PSI and after running every log possible on the AGU the car itself is telling everything to run at 100% (pushing everything to achieve max boost etc). So that rules out n75 etc... MAF, coils and all that jazz are running spot on and the car is fueling perfectly.

Verdict right to be a new turbo needed? (likely impellors worn or something?)... or should i look start looking for other things?

KO3s time me thinks? Ive been told that as my cars running well etc i may get away with a KO3S and a forge boost controller and it'll be fine without a map. (obviously a map would get the most of the setup).

Forgot to mention... MODS are forge 007p, cat back exhaust, k&n filter, DSG intake (off the top of my head).
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I took my vrs there and he diagnosed I had a faulty turbo. Spent weeks trying to find a decent ko3s and traveled to London to pick up a 30k miler one off a tt. Only to find out the one on my car was already new and the down pipe bolts were just loose. My mate also took a cupra r there too and that was diagnosed as a faulty turbo when it turned out to be something else
What were your symtoms? Guess this was quite recent as he hasnt had the rolling road too long... Could you not hear the leaking boost? I will check my bolts though. Cheers
Is it possible it could be a faulty actulator? if so would i be best replacing (maybe with a forge one... or a boost controller and leave the standard actulator on there).
He didn't have the rollers when I went but my car just seemed down on power and was making a screaming noise under full boost. In the end I changed spark plugs. Coilpacks.boost hoses. Forge tip.n75 and maf it made a healthy 218bhp after and felt much quicker
Had a browse at some of my hoses today. The hose going from the mani to the N75 has small slashes in it where it bends could this be leaking boost possibly?

Looking at the forge 5 peice hose it at the moment as im thinking it may be worth getting?
Any sort of dodgy looking boost pipe is def worth changing mate as it will make a big difference if it's leaking
I want to rip off and refit/ replace all the hosing in the engine bay to be honest, as 12 year old car... is going to have hidden leaks. I have currently been reluctant to take off most of them because of the standard crappy clips that are holding them on! Anyone know the size jubilees ill need handy so i can replace the lot?
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