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Reet folks! Samples from Justmatz as promised.

Please bear in mind they are samples so don't comment on the quality of the logo designs, its just for display purposes at the moment! [:)]

What I can comment on however is the quality of the mats themselves - they are excellent quality with, a thick pile, and heavy feel to them plus a substantial heel pad area on the drivers mat - I'm confident you won't be disappointed with the quality at all [^]

Once we're all agreed on the logo placement then we can go ahead and get these ordered. Sales will be handled by a Group Buy and should hopefully start rolling in the next week or so - Will let you all know when its open.

Enough talking already, here's the eye candy [:D]

uk-mkivs logo text, red border:

Rear mats:

Roundel Logo mats:

Both mat designs together:

One comment on the roundel logo mats - I will be asking that a grey border be used on those mats as the blue backing on the roundel logo clashes with the red border.

Anyway, please let me know what you think - the sooner I know everyones happy the sooner we can get the ball rolling.

<HR noShade SIZE=1>

Update - in-car shots!

Note - My camera doesn't pick up red colour tones too well, thats why they look pink [:I] Rest assured they aren't pink!!

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I like them! prefer the uk-mkivs text version though and wil definately have some when the GB gets going... [:D]

Will they be available with a blue edging Tabs, as the red wont really go with the blue interior of the Bora? [:)]

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Right, been waitin a while for these, here goes:

I prefer the text logo, i think it just suits it more,

i think the position of the logo is good too,

Logos on the rear would be good.

I want the grey anyway, but maybe the 3 colours are not enough to suit everyone.

Rough estimate on the dent thats gonna be left in my wallet?
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