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Just need to add Outside temperature Gauge: Old No.7?

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HI all

My wife has a Nov 2001 Golf 1.6 S model. Central locking but only via key, no remote, and the basic info display.

She really wants to get an outside temp display.

I've read all of old No7's FAQ's, fabulous work, but I don't want to go to the expense of changing and re-coding the clocks.

Is it possible just to add an outside temp display? Obviously I'd have to source a sensor and wire it back to the clocks, but can it be that simple?

Thank you all for looking

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Anyone advise me please? [:D]
You would need clocks that have the functionality in them so if yours haven't then you would need to change the clocks
Old No. 7.

Very many thanks for your reply, Probably not worth it for the likely cost then, she doesn't want miles to empty or anything just an OTG.

So I'd need clocks and a column stalk too?

I'll buy her an add-on version from ebay I guess. [:D]

Thank you again Merry Christmas!

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A set of basic clocks can be had for £30 off ebay so not a lot of money, just make sure you get the correct version (immo wise)
I have a set of clocks with the computer display which you can have for £30 delivered. Please PM me if you are interested.
Yes, true, thanks again. But then plus £20 odd for a stalk, thing is: she's an old girl, lots of miles on the clock. Seen better days. And the car's quite old and tired too.[<:eek:)]

Lord I'm dead if wifey sees this!

Thanks again.
I have a set of clocks with the computer display which you can have for £30 delivered. Please PM me if you are interested.
Thank you! I've immo 3, I think, will check tonight. And mine's petrol, does that matter, as I see your car is a diesel.....?

Don't have a stalk too do you??[:)]

Thanks again.
This is probably a very very silly question, but, seeing as the missus only wants to add outside temperature, what would happen if I only installed the correct clocks and a temp sensor, BUT no wiper stalk?

Would I get a display, but stuck permanently on temperature? She'd be happy with that![<:eek:)]

Or would I get nowt?

Cool Neil, thank you.

I might do this for a Chrissie present for wifey.

PM sent.

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