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Well just back from having the R32 on the rollers...

I have had the car superchipped and the CAI fitted since my has visit so I was expecting a increase in power...

The car feels so much quicker - the 'seat of the pants feeling' is wild[H]

Last time I ran it with the miltek - 234bhp - 300Nm of torque...

This time - with Superchip and AEM CAI - 248bhp and 323Nm of torque...

So am I happy??? Well I felt as though the car was 250ish - and deffo had a increase in torque...

So yes I am happy - not a huge increase - but a 14bhp increase with 23Nm of torque is better than nothing...

Thats it, no more engine mods - do you think these figures seem fair enough??[:-*]


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Well loads of people claim 270-280ish[:^)]...

Thats for similar mods that I have[:|]....

I really cant see there being that big a difference. The car does feel fast[:S]
Two ways of looking at it. Either your down on power... or the most RR's here are giving 'artificial' figures.

Considering I've yet to see a RR run from anyone other than AmD I'm leaning toward the latter.
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