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Cheers to married blonde for the shortshift...

Well what a difference this kit has made. It must reduce the gear change distance by 40%[:D]

Simple to fit - 30mins that includes getting your tools out, putting them away after and washing your hands.

The instructions supplied are lengthy but very clear...

I fitted the race shifter...

Diesel geeks website is listed below[:eek:)]

Any questions pm me[^]

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I keep hearing good things about these diesel geek short shifters and am starting to fancy one.

However my tdi 130 is still on the soft suspension with the 15 inch avus 2's, and the huge sidewalled 65 profile tyres. I am content with this and am not the sort of guy who wants stiff racing car handling. I prefer the big cushioning and comfort side of things with a nice relaxed drive.

Diesel geek short race shifter seems to give the impression of whipping up through the gears to give max acceleration and 0-60 sort of driving - is this the case, or could my relaxed style be suited to the shorter click through the gears of one of these??
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