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just changed my turbo.... but few questions... help appreciated...

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well as you know, ive been looking turbo for my car for a while, one finially popped up at local scrapyard for 150 so i took it... fitted it, but few questions.... ive left one vacumm pipe off and wondering where it goes as ive forgotten.

its located here: (excuse dirt of engine, needs cleaned)

Posted Image

the red box ive drawn, at rear of engine.....

this is the part that thee pipe runs off:

Posted Image

its the middle of the 3 pipes, i cant remember were it goes... somebody help...

also i think the plastic pipe that goes from air filter to centre of turbo may be loose... and its causing like a squeel off the turbo when it goes on boost. i needa get it tightened. as im scared to even go on boost at the minute. any help appreciated.


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It went to the EGR or anti shudder valve. If your car runs now without it connected its the ASV which is just in front of the EGR
cud ya point me in the right direction with pic of were it goes....please
cud ya point me in the right direction with pic of were it goes....please
Heres a pic mate

Posted Image
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what would be the cause of this if not connected?
engine shudders a bit when you turn it off[:cool:] us with egr deletes suffer with it
oh so not major if not connected? just i have screw in end of pipeat the minute.
no it will still work your new turbo boosting ok?
im not sure, i dont think the plastic air feed pipe is on correctly... as when it goes on boost, i can hear the turbo spinning to much and its quite mectalic noise. so im actually driving the car below the boost. would that pipe being loose or off cause that noise etc...
not sure about the noise mate...should sound like pretty loud sucking. Never really listened to an open turbo though. I would get it sorted, If it sucks anything large in it could ruin the compressor wheel / blades.
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