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Just bought my mkIV :)

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Hence I'm new here so hi to everyone!
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he he hello pepper...i think it was a good choice of vehicle! get those pics up quick!!!
oh and btw turns out u may actually even have a 130bhp! its only ur V5C that will actually confirm your bhp
cant beat the mk4s, 3rd one now, 1.8gti, you'll never want to drive another car again
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Did i do that right?

Its the only photo i have in the daylight atm.. and forgive the lack of alloy caps (I'm in the process of VW-ifying them!)
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cheers, as I said I'm redoing the centre caps atm so they don't say Audi any more!
man, dropping the plate makes it look 100x better!
how much is it lowered by. it looks quite low
Metal plates wise... im tempted...

lowering wise... i have NO idea... bought that way :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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