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jom coilovers rear lowering

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how do i adjust the setting of the ride height of my golf at the rear on jom coilovers i understand i should take out the adjusters to get it low enough but how do i compress the spring to keep the ride height down
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What I do mate is put the rear of the car on axel stands put a jack under the rear beam where the spring sits and jack it up about a inch then undo the 4 16mm bolts at the top of the shocks then lower the jack down. Then the springs are loose. Either wind the adjusters all the way down or unbolt them and remove them if you want it really low. Then do the same in reverse to refit. Hope this helps it's a easy job and will take less than a hour
ha its my first car yano ha mate where are the adjusters are they the blue circle shape items i got with the coilovers or where is the adjuster
Yeah it's the blue things they should have thread on them so u can adjust up and down
alri cheers mate i shall try it 2moro thanks 4 the help[:D]
Ok mate let me know if u get stuck I have had mine off loads of times
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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