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The engine spec is as follows.

s3 pisons 20mm rp

JBS H Beam rods

JBS small port gas flowed head and matched inlet

uprated one piece ss valves

matched valve gear

lightened,ballanced, crank ,pistons and rods

3 inch down pipe

fully mapable water injection

JBS nitrous install


6 speed late triple shaft box with atb diff

think thats about it !

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Quote: posted by JBS Autodesigns on 08/03/2005 22:35:11

... s3 pisons 20mm rp ...

Oh yeah, forgot to ask, surely not 34psi on standard S3 pistons?! Thats 2.34bar!!! Was that just bench testing then? I would have thought you would have blown the cylinder head off at that boost!
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