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Hi All

We are now selling our DIRECT replacement 300 and 400 ftlb/BHP 1.8T and PD 100% kevlar fiber composite clutch kits

They are a direct replacement and use the factory duel mass flywheel

It is a 3 piece kit pressure plate friction plate and bearing

Two kits are available the 300 bhp/ftlb is great for anyone wanting a clutch upgrade using upto 300 bhp/ftlb these kits have a great pedal feel and have a very similar in feel to standard ( very slightly heavier giving great pedal feel )

If you are only running lets say 220 bhp/ftlb you will get the best of both worlds !!! you will never get a problem with clutch slip and the clutch will last forever !!!

The 400 bhp/ftlb is the same affair as above totally usable for every day driving but with a bit more feel and bite

There is nothing like this available for vag range in the uk

These clutch's last 3-5 times longer than other clutch facings !!

Will cause no flywheel damage !!

There are 2 down sides !!

1. The flywheel must mave a uncracked / none abused ie heat scored / blued face !!

2. The bed in time is greater than other clutch's over (300mls min )

We can supply and have both 5 and 6 speed duel mass petrol and diesal flywheels with reground faces in stock and ready if you find you have a problem with your original flywheel !!

Hope this helps


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Hi Josh

The 300 bhp/ftlb is made to be used with these figures all day long !!

as appossed to 130bhp and 220 ftlb !!!! :)

However the 400 BHP/ftlb clutch is priced at ?550 + vat and fitting

hope this helps

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so i assume the 300 lb/ft one is ideal for those with a remapped PD130/150.

How does it compare to the Sachs uprated clutch kit with organic clutch plate rated to 340 lb/ft which JBS also supply/fit [?] I don't know the in's & out's of the clutch mechanism, but which is the safest/best value for money [?]

I think i read JBS quoted ?620 + VAT for the Sachs incl. fitting.
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