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Jamex sportsline coilovers on a daily driver

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Firstly anyone got opinions on these coilovers?

Secondly should they be ok on my daily driver? Most my driving is A roads and A(M) roads with a fair few country lanes and town roads. i find at the moment when on country A roads with bumpy surfaces etc it is a far too bumpy/bouncy ride and feels like the car wants to jump up!

Any input welcome

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Pretty much the same as the JOM coilovers that a lot of members are running so should be fine for everyday road use but as with all coilovers they do tend to be a little stiffer then standard.

Damian @ DPM Performance
I had a set on my last mk4. They covered 11k in just over a year and were a massive improvement. Mine was only lowered about 65mm.

I've also had JOM and TA Technix and they were pretty much the same, I just didn't have those cars as long.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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