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james's build thread!!!

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so here we go goin to have a go at making my own build thread, i have not done that much to it yet but theres alot in store,

mods so far:

mk5 R32 18" alloys

10mm rear spacers

35mm lowering springs

colour coded all bumper mouldings (need to take pictures and upload)

mods to come:

JOM coilovers to replace spings

stumpy aerial

black roof

hella rear lights

debadge and smooth rear tailgate

spray bumper valances

debadge front grill

GTI interior

GTI steering wheel

and eventually i want to do an engine conversion to a 1.8t GTI engine conversion (depending on the bank funds)

heres what she looks like so far (apart from black bumper mouldings):

so what do you think so far????? will get some pictures of it with the black moulding done looks alots neater with those colour coded.
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whats everone think then need some feedback and any ideas???
looks good and.

as said some coilovers and will be looking really good.

how about a de wiper on the rear costs all of about 50p to do.
yeah thats also in store as i wasnt goin to do this but someone nicked my wiper the other night [:mad:] my mate did it and got 45 quid for wiper motor[:D]
takes around 10 mins to do and costs less than 50p for the bung so theres no excuses.

am going to go dig my wiper motor out of the shed then haha.
yeah just looked on ebay they goin for like 45-55 quid can be put towards my coilies that can. found some jom ones £163 free delivery bargain!!!
Looks good man! Would look better lower but looks like you've got that covered in the future!
yeah will be slammed as soon as iv got the funds, cant afford at minute bloody christmas haha. bah humbug.

just found these little beauties on ebay £70 free delivery, what you think????
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Looks like a very tidy car mate, youv made a good start... coilovers would be the next thing if it were mine ..
Rear Lights would definitely suit a silver car [:D]
cheers tuttle coilies are next on the list i think just goin to get some money together first and order a load of stuff, christmas getting in the way abit at the minute so not be until after then.

yeah the lights will go well iv seen them on a silver golf and they blend in perfect.
thought id give this a quick update, give her a wash today as she wasnt silver anymore only black so thought id better pull the finger out and get ot washed,

found a few pics from when i had the bumper mouldings off and was spraying them.

also ordered a few things today with abit or the old christmas money, got a stubby aerial and a black gloss vinyl roof wrap. just sit and wait for the postman now

still need to do the door handles and the valances and the front and rear bumper when i get time to that is.....[H]
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looking for a gti steering wheel anybody got one for sale?

took some pictures today with bumper mouldings painted just need to do the door handles and the valances now [:D]

happy with the way it turned out looks much smarter, next on the list for the bodywork is door handles and remove and fill rear badge.

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Nice car james

Pretty handy with a can of spray, came out looking really good!
Looks like a good colour mnatch and finish for a home spray on those strips! Did you use rattle cans?
thanks mate first time iv done it never used a spray can and it only cost me 30 quid for the paint bargain. [<:eek:)] just a slight touch up i need to do on the back drivers side where i caught it with my sleeve but will leave that now until summer.

yes mate used rattle cans they mix them up to your car at my local shop
Agh nice one it's a good finish! I always use VW ones just never tried and area that big with a can before :)
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