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I bought my golf in september and haven't really thought too much about it up until my Dad was telling me about how there is such a big community of VW lovers out there, more so than a lot of other car companies. hadn't really heard about this so decided to check out the net, and since introducing myself yesterday i have become sucked into the Golf world and haven't been able to get off this site since and now i have all these visions about my golf and things i can do to it and my respect has grown enormously!! Now my car has gone from my new impressive little toy to the biggest thing in my life at the moment! I've loved driving since i passed my test 2 years ago but i can tell the journey from here on shall e a good one! (once i get my idle speed sorted and fix my electric window knob which broke off the other day anyway...)

Thank you uk-mkivs! Great to be on board!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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