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Is this anything to do with my car?

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I found it in my glovebox, looks like an electronic chip of some kind. has more numbers on it but i removed them in case they are a code of some kind

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Its tiny, too small for a pen drive. Its only about 18mm long
Looks like a feeler gauge of somesort.

It can only be an immobilisor key,haven't seen one exactly like that before but most only have three contacts like that.If you open it you'll probably find a small microchip inside,or if it's REALLY cheap them maybe even just a resistor.

Does it look like there has ever been some sort of receptacle on the dashboard that it could have plugged into?

Cant see anything on the dash but on another forum I use someone messaged me this:

In modern cars when the ECU (engine management system) has been replaced, they come with a device similar to your 'stick', that is used to prime the sub management systems (engine settings, ABS, suspension, engine sensors etc...)when the replacement ECU is first powered up by a computer. (your little stick is plugged in to the dealers computer)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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