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Is there reason why some places are dropping APR?

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Hi Guys,

Just noticed that a couple of resellers are dropping APR remaps in favour of Revo, for example Awesome GTI, aswell as Tuningwerkes in Croydon (as per performance VW magazine advert) . I had my car chipped with a stage 1 APR in the summer, and i am now a bit worried why some people are jumping ship. Should I be worried??


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Sorry just noticed on tuningwerkes website, they are selling it along with apr chips...... so not too worried.....
I know Awesome dropped APR as they were not giving Awesome the backing they wanted I had a stage 2 APR map on my TT qS last year. Awesome had an offer the swap all APR maps for Revo maps free of charge up until 15 of Nov

I stuck with the APR as I am very happy with it and having a Revo stage 2 map on my anni I find the APR offers more programs and it is easier to swap between programs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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