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Quote: posted by Richard W on 15/11/2004 15:03:15

Accuracy of RR figures is a myth, they can be set up to a degree of accuracy, but each will differ over time/wear etc. The important thing is to measure under the same conditions - the same RR will probably give slightly different readings on the same car on different days. As someone has already mentioned the figures are almost immaterial, it's the quality of improvement that counts!

Just some of the worms......[:eek:)]

I spent a day at Dastek and was shown the technical aspects of their dyno. Gerry knows a thing or 2 about them as he has built and repaired them for years.

Their dyno is repeatable in that you can run your car on 2 different days and they guarantee accuracy within 1.5bhp, regardless of air pressure or temp. No other dyno in the world gives you that. The fans and brakes for the rollers are of a much higher spec than anything else available on the market

Plus it filters data to the tune of something like 1 part in every thousand whereas others do maybe 1 in every million. It logs the drop in power when auxiliary equipment like heater blowers for instance are switched on.
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