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Iphone help (un jailbreak)

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Hi all

I'm trying to un jailbreak my iphone 3gs to put it back to standard so I can get some warranty work done on it at the apple store.

Tried doing a reset in the settings menu but all I am getting on the phone now is the apple logo with a cog in the lower half, its been like that now for about an hour and it will not reset, tried doing a hard disc reset (Holding power and home button together) with no joy, has anyone got any idea's????

Getting a bit worried that i've done some permanant damage to it now[:(]

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plugged it back in to the computer and opened itunes, where do I find how to do a full restore?
LOL doesnt full restore delete all your stuff thats on the phone and put it back to factory... and if its jailbroken he probably does not have his phone backed up.

Also ive been told that if apple detect that a phone has been jailbroken, they can just take to phone off you and not give it back (its in their terms and conditions) - or so i have been told. hmm its a tricky one, and the 1 reason i didnt jailbreak mine while it was under

warranty. have you looked one iphone forums etc?

Conect to iTunes, Go to the summary where it shows you I picture of the iPhone and the bar showing your storage usage, the restore option is there and will remove the jailbreak them just restore from your last backup. Pretty sure apple cant just take the phone off you, you paid for it and voiding the warranty just means they won't repair it, nothing more.
If its stuck in the boot screen and itunes is not recognising the phone you need to put the phone into a safe mode but holding the home and power button together when the phone restarts release the power button while still holding the home button for a few more seconds itunes will then detect the phone..
When I open itunes and connect the iphone it dosn't even sync with itunes???
As a result I cant find the summary info to reset?

Was getting abit worried thinking this ain't gonna work[*-)]

Its back to standard now-thanks for your input chaps[Y]

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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