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interior mirror golf

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HI guys, looking to remove my interior mirror, it seems to have a sticky pad on there but don't want to try ripping it off until someone can advise me if there is a certain way to do it.

It is the factory fitted mirror.

Replacing it with a dvr mirror.

So is there a certain way to get it off besides a bit of elbow grease ?


Obviously I can detach the mirror from its mount, but removing the mount is my question and is it even advisable to remove the mount or should I just leave it.

honestly it probably wont be that much in the way.
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Mirrors and exterior badges, rubbing strips, sill guards and the like are often attached with a thin foam double sided sticky tape. The tape isn't particularly strong but with the area usually covering the full size of the part being fixed they are very hard to remove by force.

The trade method to remove these is with a length of thin steel wire with each end wrapped around a wooden dowel to use as handles. (like a cheese wire)

The wire is held flush to the glass or bodywork with the wire in the gap between the part and the body/glass and the handles pulled in one direction to form a loop. As pressure is increased the loop cuts through the foam.

Pulling the handles in a slightly different direction or using a gentle sawing motion will help the cutting action. Done with reasonable care no damage will occur to the part or the glass/boy/paint.

The foam and adhesive film left on each surface can be removed with a mild solvent such as paraffin, white spirit or WD40 and will not damage paint or plastic if wiped off quickly after removal
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Thanks for those tips, it turned out the dvr cam mirror i ordered had straps on to go over the existing !

Nice bonus there, included was a rear view cam which i placed in back window. Records front and back simultaneously.

Not bad for 43 quid i guess, i bought the cam as had a few near misses recently as i do put a lot of miles on my golf, however an ironic twist of fate the damn car killed itself today as i was cruising around 45mph. Looks like the valves are gonna be screwed as the link to camshaft belt shredded its rubber teeth.
Now i need a new car to put my camera in >.
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