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Interior mats wanted

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So a couple of my floor mats were damaged and I'd like to replace the whole lot - there are some genuine sets on ebay but none of the rear mats seem to come with the oval twist locking holes (the fronts always have them).

Can anyone point me in the direction of some reasonably-priced and preferably genuine mats?

The car is a 2004 plate 5-door with the twist locking pins in all 4 mats.
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I just bought Mk5 ones for my Mk6 from VW parts and they're fine. £45
As Calico says TPS, got a set from them for around £25 a few months ago.

Edit, that was for a mk4.
Halfords sell a set of Mk5 mats for £38 that fit perfectly with the twist locks (what I fitted to the wife's 55 plate).

However, my son's 58 plate has the fat / dumpy posts. The mats still fit, but I'm led to believe you can get adaptors / replacement fitting to convert the mats from twist locks to posts.

Anyone recommend any ?
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