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Interior lights not working when doors open

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Hi All,

After 12 years of having my trustee MKII Polo bread van I decided it was time to retire her and get a MKIV golf. Anyway, have a bit of a problem with the Golf:

When you open ANY door the dome light does not come on/nor any door related lights. Also, with the headlights on when you open the door the buzzer/chime doesn't sound. I also believe the doors should automatically lock after a certain amount of time with all doors shut? This doesn't happen either.

I can lock the car using the key in the drivers door (this locks all four doors)

If you unlock the car using the key in the passenger door, only the passenger door unlocks. Is that normal?

The interior light does work via the switch so I know it's not the fuse or bulb.

If I press the button on the drivers door to lock ALL doors, they all click and lock but the passenger dor unlocks again. So, the drivers and rear doors are all locked but the passenger door is unlocked.

Any clues?? I assume it's a faulty microswitch (as I've read that the MKIV's are prone to this) Could it be something to do with the passenger door. You also have the pull the outside handle three or four times to open that door.

Any help very much appreciated :)
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Door Lock module (s)

It should also tell you on the FIS what door is open..

My drivers door does it on and off, the solder on the module tends to crack and lose connection. sometimes if u bang the door hard enough it will work again.

It not an easy job to change them either but there's a few guides on here
Sounds like you have THE most common fault with the Mk4 Golf / Bora platform, a faulty Door Lock Module, or DLM...

Open the link below & goto the 2nd post. There are x3 links in there that explain how to attempt to repair it yourself. The probability is that you should be able to fix it, rather than replacing the whole module..

(PS If you need a new module they're approx £148 +VAT from the VW dealerships, or you can usually get either 2nd hand, or pattern parts on e-Bay for about £40. AVOID the cheap Chinese copies, as they're often worse than the broken one you'll have fitted !!)

Also, you may want to have a look at this...

If you have a log book with the car, in the service section, inside the front cover should be a 3 inch square white label full of alpha-numeric codes. The same label should be under the carpet, in the boot, next to the spare wheel. Punch the codes into the box that comes up when you open the link & it will tell you everything the car had when it left the factory....
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Thanks for the replies guys. I'll get them printed off and have a go one weekend when it's nice and sunny B) as it sounds like it can be quite a time consuming job.

Co-incidentally, have just noticed that both rear doors operate the interior light. They also show on the dash as being open when the ignition is on whereas the driver and passenger door don't so it must be the modules.

The front passenger door is difficult to open from the outside too (you have to pull the handle three or four times before it opens) so I'll have a go at that one first.
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