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Right, i currently have a 2002 mk4 golf 1.4s 3dr

problem is, i cant seem to get the interior light and the lights in the doorcards to work... atal!

They all have perfectly working bulbs but none of them seem to illuminate.
No sign of life when the door is open, when you unlock the car or even when the ignition is on, the sliders on the intereior light are all correct and above the rear door cards, but still nothing.

At first i thought it was that the car hadnt acknowledged that the door was open, but the interior light would still work and it doesnt, plus when you open the door, and the lights are still on, the beeping noise occurs. So my little baby does know that her doors open. :p

Anyway, its such an anoying little fault but its doing my head in none the less.
Hopefully you guys can help!

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