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hi everyone.

today i came accross a vw intercooler at work. i checked the part number. 1KO 145 803A and it came up as a edition 30 intercooler.

it has two connections on either end of the intercooler near the top. but it has push fit connections but has a few inches of plastic turb behind the connections.

my thought was to cut the push fit ends of and then plastic weld some lips on the end of the tubes so i can use silicone pipes instead of the push fit. then i would be able to buy some lengths of steel/alluminum from a place near work and then bend the pipes to make less conections through the system.

anyone know of the best way to join the push fit pipe (red one) from the turbo to the tube as it looks to be a bit bigger (not got measurements)

also best way to fit the map sensor in and where it can and cant go. (if i used general steel i could weld a flange for the sensor) it does not need to look pretty it just needs to be fit for purpose.


its just an idea at the moment so will only be able to get it sorted when i get the new turbo fitted as currently the car has a knackered turbo.
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