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Induction kit

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any ideas on a decent induction kit filter etc for a 1.9 tdi se bora ?

it is getting remapped soon but thought i would stick one of these on [au]
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personally id just run a nice big cold air feed up to the standard air box and if you want the deep sound just drill some holes in the air box :D
Don't bother. The OEM parts that came on your car are just fine. You could put on a PD150 intake if you're planning some serious mods but the bottom line is induction kits for diesel's are a waste of time and money. Don't even bother changing the filter for a k&n thing unless you like changing turbos. Leave it alone. the remap will make a much bigger difference on it's own.
so what should i be looking for other than a remap ?

i aint got a clue what to look for ive just recently decided to spend some money on it ive never done anything with cars before ? do they damage the turbo ive never heard of that before ?

probably EGR delete and decat are the best options for you [C]
can you explain this egr delete ?

and decat lol [help] [blah]
EGR delete is swapping your EGR valve for a straight tube.

decat is removing your catalytic convereter for either a purpose made manifold or a straight tube welded in place.

use the search button mate as there is tons of info on here about both [Y]
right ill have a look cheers [paperbag]
Agreed on the decat, one of my favourite mods, what BHP is your Bora? Are you modding on a budget, or is modding your main hobby with deep pockets to match?
it 115 bhp and yes theres a budget mate and no deep pockets either [:)]
standard airfilters work fine when new, id change every 10k for best performance, which engine is it?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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