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Indicator Relay + Bulb Fail

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Got a problem with the front indicator not working which I thought was down to the cheap ebay chrome/silver bulbs used - however tried replacing with an original and the left side still doesn't work.

Also when turning the light indicator on the dash flashes quickly + relay click noise is faster.

Could this be the hazard switch thats faulty or a loose connection somewhere?

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Typo in heading 'Blub'

Free bump.

Usually this fast flashing means that a bulb on that side is faulty, do the other two indicators on that side work fine?
opps typo edited

both other indicators are working but are flashing at warp speed.
Sounds like a bad earth,normally the rear clusters are guilty of this when they let water in and get corroded.

rear cluster looks fine no signs of leaks and all bulbs working - will have a proper look inside tomorrow when doing other jobs.

do all the lights run of the same earthing point and can you advise on where to look?

Rear light earth is behind the nearside C pillar trim.

on the dashboard is your hazard button common thing they go as iv had to change it 3 times on 3 different golfs,

that is the indicator relay so try change that mate
just bought a button off ebay - worth a try although not certain it's the issue.

when the hazards are on they operate at normal rate just the front passenger indicator bulb will not work, when the turning indicators are switched to indicate left only the rear + side work however flash at double rate.

will check the earthing
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