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Immobilizer! i need help!

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This afternoon my keyfob was jingling asif something inside it was loose, opened it up to find a small 1cm glass looking thing. thought it was a fuse for the light in my keyfob so took it out as my light doesnt work anyway. (hve no idea how much and were from the batteries are bought)..

went to my car about 15 minutes ago, unlocked the car fine, put in the key, turned on the ignition, and the immobilizer light comes on, and engine woudlnt start. Put back in the glass looking thing and my car now starts perfectly?

is this just a coinscidence, or does this thing have sometihng to do with my car and not my LED keyfob light?
Any help appreciated!

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That glass thing is the immobiliser transponder. Good job you didn't break it. It sits in the front section of the fob near the blade, and the car interrogates this chip every time you put the key in the ignition. No chip, no start.
Thanks alot for that mate! [:D]

Was getting worried thinking it was something abit more serious!
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