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Illuminated door sill for golf mk4 gti 3 door only

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Thought I'd make a new thread I'm looking for the door sill illuminated designs online and I just can't find anything for my mk4 golf I did have watching some but cannot find them no luck can :(
Could you guys help get posting cheers .
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Can't even change the title Jesus
I'm after illuminated golf GTi door seals apologise for the title I can't edit from my mobile phone device
you mean these?
Hmm I quite like those as it happens, genuine VW option as well.
you mean these?
Cheers Trev that's them thanks for helping Me out mate be ideal if there any here in the UK tho ????
no probs, google is a good friend of mine ;-) Not sure of uk sellers. As they are/were a vw option, the dealer may be willing to do bad things to your wallet if they can get them.
Part number for 4 door: 1K5071300
Part number for 2 door: 1K0071300
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Cheers mate perfect for the response
I'm really pleased I had a browse through and spotted this thread! I Am just getting a shipping quote as these look very tasteful.
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Hello mate yes I'm
Looking as well I noticed no one has them or they would on comment so I'm going ahead and getting them they are ice white
When lit up
Not sure what shipping is likely to cost....some US stores only ship within the US and import duty could be high so best to check first.
bargain here at $98

oops, sorry, it's the same place errr, I'll go sit over there...:)
It's £30 posted they already email me that's to my door mate
Yeah I know but to much hassle mate
It's £30 posted they already email me that's to my door mate
£30 posted, or £30 for postage :blink:
Dammit, I would have been up for a pair for £30 posted :(

Not sure if its true but the add says VW wanted $650 for these! Are they really genuine parts? Looks like limited supply too.
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