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I Think I Have A Turbo Problem?

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Hiya all, Thanks for reading :),

Sorted out the remap and car kind of runs mint but as soon boost hits 1.0bar i get a whoooing/whirling noise, after a hard boost down motorway and i come to a stop or rev slightly i get loads of blue smoke and car dont feel as fast or responsive anymore, 1st thing i thought was a boost leak but this dont explain the clouds of blue smoke, if i rev on the spot seems ok but if i edge forward and accelorate the turbo whirls not whistles, Does this indicate turbo seals maybe?

There is 170,000 miles on clock and been having a few issues with remap, Remapped it about 4 months ago and was perfect (killed a coil pack at 1st but sorted) and all of a sudden out of the blue between 2k revs i would have surging issues where the car would launch forward a little and a problem with 17705 Pressure Drop Between Turbo & Throttle Valve so had the bloke come out and sort remap, he has now sorted it but i have noticed (and its getting worse) the turbo whirling and blue smoke.

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Blue smoke is burning oil so its v likely to be turbo. Who mapped it? Could be a dodgy map thats killed it, but equally its getting on a bit and could have just worn out.

Mine is on same milage with stage 2 map from R tech, and apart from a weak wastegate actuator losing me boost, its otherwise good.

Theres a place in Tamworth that does drive in drive out turbo recons, something like '' can't remember whether I saw it on here or E38

Otherwise theres the potential grenade of the cheapy ebay k03s at £200 or stick a BBT hybrid on it?
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