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How to tell if your wheels are oem or reps?

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Hi I've got some Audi rs4 wheels and I'm about to sell them. They were on the car when I got them so I don't know there history but how can I tell if they are oem or reps? I've been told they are oem due to the ridges on the spokes but I'm wondering what marking on the inside or the wheel will tell me?
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OEM will have VAG , VW or Audi symbols stamped in the casting
My replica RS4 alloys have "NOT OEM" stamped on the inside of them.

But then im not sure all replicas come with this stamp.
They will have the proper part number stamped inside them if they are real
there should be an audi stamp on the back of the wheel, probably on one of the spokes it its the real deal. i think a good condition set of rep rs4 wheels would go for £250 or more.

i got £175 for my rs4 reps, but they were kerbed and one of them needed repairing after i hit a large pothole. sold them with only 3 tyres and 1 alloy needing fixed.

not sure how much an OEM wheel would go for tho.
ive had a look at the wheels and there is a made in germany stamp inbetween the stud holes on the front and on the rear there are various letters behind the stud section on the back.

There are what looks like 4 tags on the inside at the back saying 'x'

and they have the et of the wheel on the back as well?
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