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After getting a pair of Hella RCCRs today, with some useful tips from this forum, I decided to make a photo guide to help anyone who is thinking of removing their rear lights. Hope this helps. Here goes :


The only tools I needed were : 8mm socket head, T20 Torx head (star shape head), Blu Tack (thanks to jamesf for this tip), a screw driver type socket handle and flexible extension. Put a blob of Blu Tack in the socket head as this keeps you from losing the nut when you unscrew and refit them.


We'll start with the driver's side. This is easier to do. Open up the flap to gain access to the rear of the lights. The driver's side has 3 nuts and 1 pin. 2 on the side :


...and 1 at the rear :


Making sure you use a nice blob of Blu Tack in the socket, remove each of the 3 nuts. Careful when you take them off as not to drop them down into the bodywork. The Blu Tack will help loads.

remove rear nut (driver's side) :


remove upper side nut (driver's side) :


remove lower side nut (driver's side) :


Unclip the bulb holder. Press where the 2 red circles are and pull.


The rear light unit should just pop out a bit now.


There is one pin in the pointy corner (see pic). Grabbing the light unit, careful and slowly wiggle it out (follow the way the pin is pointing in the pic).


Here is a pic when the light unit is removed :


Refitting is simply a reverse of the steps above.

Ok, the passenger side now. Initially, I tried doing all this with the carpet trim in place, but it proved a real pain. You will need a T20 Torx screw driver head to remove the first aid kit holder bracket. Then simply tug the trim and the poppers will come out. You may need a flat head screwdriver to help. The passenger side has just 3 nuts (no pin).

Here is the rear nut :


And here are the two side nuts. Notice the tiny square hole half hidden behind the wires.


Here is a close up of the lower nut :


Remove the rear nut :


Remove the lower side nut (make sure the Blu Tack holds the nut firmly when you carefully remove it) :


Now remove the upper side nut. There is no pin on the passenger side.


Now unclip the bulb holder. The light unit should just come out quite easily. Here is a pic of the holes with the light unit removed :


Refitting is just a reverse of the removal steps. Be careful not to drop the lower side nut when refitting it.

And there you go. It should take only about 30mins.

Here's a before and after shot :



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Very good work mate , one other tip though , put some tape round the socket when it is on the extension and it might save you a trip to Halfords for another socket like I had to.Mine came off the extension when I was doing the one through the square hole

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Good guide I used this when I done mine [Y]

BUT the nut thats near the wire came out of the socket and fell down [:'(] I did put one of them extendable magnet pen things down there but nothing came back so do I have to remove the rear bumper to get it back?

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