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Motordiag Komfort Manager manual... for remote windows roll up/down

Drivers -
Vag-com -
Motodiag *Auto close window program* -
and register it here â€"

Part 1 MotorDiag.
1. Install first to make life a little easier. Even though its in Czech it is easy enough to guess what to press.
2. Once installed click on logo on your desktop (key fob).The program is all in Czech and will try and load its home page but don't worry about that
3. Wait for the 15 second timer to count down, this will go once registered. Press ok.
4. The next page lists the cars it will work on and then suggests the cable you need? Press Pokracovat.
5. Press set-up and open the register link above. On motordiag you will need the serial number. Copy and paste that into the box on register page, add email then press register. Go to your email (check junk). There will be a code in your email. Copy and paste into Registracni klic then press Registrovano!
6. Motordiag is now ready

Tip, notice Interface set-up? Remember what COM it is under. Most of us have used 3.

Part 2 Vag KKL cable.
1. Order the cable and make sure to download the drivers and vag-com in the links above.
2. Once the cable turns up don’t even bother with the disc that it comes with. It doesn't work. To start with Install Vag-com lite - do not pug cable in until you have installed Vag-com.
3. Once Vag-com is installed you can plug in the cable. Now those drivers you downloaded will be needed so make sure they are on the desktop to make it easy when trying to find them later on.
4. You will be asked twice to install drivers, it uses the same ones. Now when prompt to use a CD or install from a location, choose install from location. Now select where you put them and press next. Do this for when you are prompted again.

Part 3 Setting up the cable
1. On windows, press Start > Go to my computer and right click on it > Properties > Choose hardware from the tabs then device manager.
2. Go down to ports(COM &LPT) and expand it (+). You will see “USB Serial Port†followed by a COM, most have 3.
3. Right click on it > Properties > Port settings > Advanced.
4. Now change Receive [bytes]: to 64 and Latency Timer (msec): to 2.
5. Now notice COM Port Number. If it is not 3 change it by clicking the down arrow button. If you cannot select 3 then use any number between 1-4.
6. Press OK and close.

Part 4 Automatic windows.
1. Either switch to Motordiag or open it.
2. Does your COM port number match Motordiags? If not switch it and press test. For some reason on my laptop I couldn't use Port 3 because it was in use but when I tried Port 4 it wouldn't have any of it so I put it back to 3 and it worked fine for some reason? But hey ho.
3. Go out to the car and locate the interface. It is under your steering wheel in a little cubby box behind a black little cover. Plug in the cable.
4. Now in Motordiag press Aktivace oken. Hey presto, life is good!

Now open all your windows and press the lock button and hold > give it a sec and the windows will go up first followed by the sunroof.
Press the and hold the open button and all the windows will now open.

The above procedure works with the following CCM part numbers:

1J0 959 799

1J0 959 799B

1C0 959 799

However if you have another part number keep on reading as it gets kinda tricky...

you will need this:
- serial VAGCOM cable
- VCDS/Vagcom to read the part number of your CCM
- laptop with serial port (laptop bios must support booting from USB or CD)
- bootable dos USB-key or bootable dos CD
- VDS-PRO installed in a folder on the bootable media you will be using (software download)

these are the needed addresses and values that need to be altered:
1J0 959 799 AH 046 Sedan
Address Old New Remark
04295 138 64 This memory address added to keep the rear trunk handle from locking the car
04283 138 64
04289 138 2
08628 242 246 driver side front window
12724 250 254 passenger side front window
16820 242 246 driver side rear window
20916 250 252 passenger side rear window

it can be scripted as well so you don't have to type in the new values but you will have to create the script first.
(i scripted the lot and it takes less than a minute to adapt the values so the remote actually can open and close the windows)
ps the ones posted work on my CCM module with the part no 1J0 959 799 AH for my 4 door hatch back... if you have a 2 door you skip the last 2 rows of the table.

It can be done on al the other versions as well, for them, follow this link or this link

So if you can get your hands on the right hardware, you don't need to change the CCM module, just rewrite the values for certain memory addresses.

I think this topic can be closed now as all the needed information is in here, now it is up to the individual to source the hardware and software needed.

For people looking for a working serial to obd2 cable click here this one actually works ;)

If you have any questions please read this topic spanning 9 pages it basically has all the questions answered that you can come up with regarding this nice to have function....

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