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How to change ram / memory timing?

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Evening peeps

Bit of a long shot as searching elsewhere hasn't resolved it but I think my ram timing is incorrect on my laptop. I have put in 2 x 2gb of Kingston HyperX memory, manufacturer spec timings are 5-5-5-18 but when I run a program called cpu-z it says my timings are currently 4-5-5-15.

On a PC I can usually adjust this manually in the bios but my Benq Joybook S32w laptop doesn't give you the option. I have even updated to the newest version of the bios just to see if the option was released. Oh, I am running Windows 7 (64 bit).

I am looking to adjust this because my laptop randomly restarts itself, usually overnight after I have left it for a while. Any alternative ideas as to how I can change the ram timings?

One last thing, on the cpu-z 'SPD' tab there is a timings table showing the three different frequencies and various ram timings that go with them. The current timings seem to match JEDEC #2 at 333mhz but I want them to be on JEDEC #3 at 400mhz. Is there a way to adjust that?

I'll continue my Google searching, here's hoping you can help! Many thanks in advance
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The answer there is you can't bud, not on a notebook.

As for the rebooting, go download bluescreenview which will allow you to see what is causing the probably BSODs.

And 333mhz is correct for a 667mhz FSB which would be correct for a lot of DDR2 notebooks, only a handfull would cope with 400(800mhzfsb).

At worst, return the ram, and get non-performance ram from Crucial for better results.

Edit for clarification: Chances are, as you have fitted performance RAM which the BIOS cannot handle properly, its trying to make the best of the situation and gone with failsafe settings that are suitable. Having had a quick google, its possible you machine is infact an 800mhz fsb model with a Centrino2 platform. If the rebooting/BSODs started after the ram, then yea, i'd get shot of it, and get the vanilla Kingston DDR2-800/6400 SO-DIMMs or perhaps some Corsair Value/Crucial standard memory, which should work perfectly.

Thank you very much for your speedy input it's most appreciated. I don't think the minidumps are turned on at the moment, I recollect the option being under something along the lines of startup and recovery, but I can't for the life of me remember where that is, do you know?

Cheers again

...found it, under System Properties, then Advanced, then Startup and Recovery! I'll leave my laptop overnight and see if the problem occurs again and writes a file.
It's worth remembering that Windows Update has a tendency to reboot machines if they have existing updates yet to be applied.

No worries bud!

Thanks for your additional info, you're right my laptop has an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7100 processor, accordingly to cpu-z it has a core speed of 2000mhz, x10 multiplier, 200mhz bus speed and 800mhz rated fsb. All of these numbers are actually about 10mhz lower, just a spot of rounding up there.

Cool, I'll look in to the other memory you've mentioned to see if I understand the differences and take it from there. Thank you very much, the personalised suggestions have progressed me a lot further than my whole evening of Google searching has!
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